Pavesio Mario - Tornitura di precisione | THE COMPANY
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70 years of history


Precision components, small batches and large production runs, from prototype to mass production: each part that leaves our hands tells a story, our story, because it has a soul, a Mechanical Soul. Founded in 1949, PAVESIO MARIO S.r.l. has always worked in synergy with its customers, giving form, soul and substance to their desires.

The experience, know-how and skills developed in over seventy years of working as a partner of small and large national companies and multinationals with production locations in Europe, North and South America, North Africa and Asia, manifests itself today in technology, quality and service. Our point of reference is the customer.

From the first, small lathe purchased by the founder and now exhibited at company offices, to the most advanced machinery, the results achieved set our company at the forefront for the manufacture of turned parts, a consequence of the combination of a meticulous artisan tradition with cutting-edge technology. Over the years, secondary machining using transfer machines, small-tube bending, mechanical assembly and controlled-atmosphere brazing have been added.

Ten years of technical experience acquired in the various types of processing combined with the use of innovative materials now enables us to provide products of extremely high quality for all kinds of applications in the automotive industry, such as fuel injectors, high-pressure fuel pumps, fuel filters, robotized gearboxes and high-pressure piping.

Production is made to order, according to drawings and specifications provided by the customer, who can constantly count on the know-how and advise of our technical office for working out solutions that take the functional, technological and cost requirements of each product into account.