Pavesio Mario - Tornitura di precisione | Quality and environment
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Quality, a certified system for over 20 years

The best advertisement is a satisfied customer. Which is why quality is not just a word for us: it is a fact.

Over the years, the company has successfully passed numerous process and system assessments carried out by our customers according to a large variety of standards.

Since 1998, our Quality System is certified: initially according to the ISO 9002 standard and subsequently according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

In addition, in 2005, we have achieved the prestigious goal of certification according to ISO/TS 16949 specification.

From 2018 the firm is certified accordingly to the automotive specification IATF 16949:2016 and accordingly UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the manufacturing of metal parts (pipe fittings, valves, tubes, etc.) by chip-forming machining, braze welding, assembling and forming processes. Environmental certification according to ISO 14001:2015 was obtained in 2024.

Nevertheless, the quest for perfection compels us to look forward every day. We constantly invest in improving our products and we listen to our customers to understand where and how we can improve, drawing on our experience already in the design phase. All of our staff are involved every day in the control and improvement of products and the work cycle: thanks to targeted investments in automatic testing systems, using cameras, micrometers and other instruments, we can guarantee 100% compliance for our products. Furthermore, all company processes are constantly monitored, with objectives and improvement plans defined for each one of them.

Every one of our parts has a soul, its quality starting from the moment it is conceived to when delivered to the customer.

Every one of our parts has a Soul, its Quality starting from the moment it is conceived to when delivered to the customer